Launching Spring 2022, Metaventures and Gemma Sheppard are excited to announce this unique event that brings the world of fashion and the metaverse together in an awesome online experience.

The Team

Gemma Sheppard

Gemma Sheppard

Gemma is a fashion stylist, considered as one of the top stylists on the celebrity circuit.

She worked for more than a decade on The X Factor as the lead stylist, as well as on prime-time TV hit show Britain’s Got Talent. Currently, she is working as a presenter and stylist on Channel 5 show 10 Years Younger in 10 Days.

Metaventures Logo


Metaventures invest in the Metaverse, providing venture funding for massively interactive live events

We believe that the future of entertainment and education lies in the Metaverse. Massively multiplayer and socially connected worlds are where people interact with gaming, music and fashion, and we want to help build the next generation of experiences for all.


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